The expertise in printed circuits as culture

Founded in 1986, Cibel has forged an undeniable reputation in the manufacture of printed circuits : prototypes, small and medium scale batches. Our products have been used with great success by industrial majors in such varied fields as semiconductors, avionics, defense, telecommunications, medical, research and general industry ... as well as by specialized technological niches.


We have built up our expertise over the years by bringing together complementary skills - "tailor-made expertise" as it were. Through a crefully developed strategy in terms of investment and organization, Cibel has obtained the certifications necessary to serve the most demanding markets out there, as well as the skills and the knowledge to be capable of making ongoing innovations that prove you can count on us.


Beyond this expertise, these are the values that drive us and make us who we are:

  • Our Ability to listen and adapt to understand and take on your needs.
  • Our commitment in terms of "Co-development" for making your projects a reality.
  • Our lead-time- particularly short AND kept.

From the most basic to the most complex projects, over and extensive range of circuits types, our commitment to you is to meet your specific needs with custom-made printed circuits!