Overall capabilities

This non-contractual document intends to present and explain our current knowledge base. It does not replace or superseed the conception rules (e.g. IPC2221,2222&2223) which stay the reference for any placement/conception activity.The various competencies and performances are classified into three categories.

- "Classical" for traditional production, to be understood as using nominal parameters

"Technical" for advanced production techniques.

- "Special" (close to our absolute manufacturing capabilities) restricted to mock-up, prototypes for which the manufacturing process is not yet fully qualified because of few experience.

Nota1: Whenever one or more circuit specification is issued from the 'Special' classification, the circuit must be considered at risk, following our PG19 generic process. As such, a 'risk analysis' like  information will be provided to customers requesting IPC600 NS3 level, including EN9100 ones.

Nota2 : Any Technical or  Special characteristic has an impact on the cost and leadtime.

Nota3 : When adding various and different Technical specifications to a circuit, the circuit may consequently become hardly workable. In the same mindset, the addition of several 'Special' parameters may induce a manufacturing impossibility. In that particular case, sales and technical staffs will align a conclusion and bring recommendations back to the customer. Therefore, the following boards have to be considered more as guideline than absolute rules.

Herebelow, the main characteristics synthesis. A complete presentation is available under this link.